Gen 3 Has Officially Been Added To Pokémon GO

Posted 2017/10/20 by CJ DeGennaro in Gaming

We all knew about this one for a while thanks to leaks, but Niantic made it official today. Generation 3 has now been added to Pokémon GO as a part of this year’s Halloween event.

Rumors were circulating for a while about Pokémon from the Hoenn region appearing in Pokémon GO. Various leaks and data mines showed that the appearance of Gen 3 Pokémon was inevitable. Niantic confirmed it in a game update today that launches this year’s Halloween event.

In this year’s event, spookier Pokémon such as Gastly, Houndour, Drowzee, and Zubat will be much easier to find. A few Ghost type Pokémon from the Hoenn region, such as Duskull, Shuppet, and Sableye also make their first appearance on our smartphones.

A special Pikachu wearing a witch hat is obtainable as well. Candy bonuses from catching, hatching, and transferring Pokémon is also doubled. This year’s Pokémon GO Halloween event runs from now until November 2. More Gen 3 Pokémon will most likely be added soon.

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