Generation 2 Spotted in Pokemon GO Code

Pokemon Go Generation 2

The second generation of Pokemon will be headed to Pokemon GO in the future, as recent data in the games code has now revealed more exciting information.

Newly surfaced information coming from tells all of what fans of the series have expected since Pokemon GO’s launch. More Pokemon continuing off of Generation 1 of the series into generation 2! Pokemon GO has been looked through extensively by those at the Silph Road and it’s stated that 100 new Pokemon are now referenced in the games code as of the latest update. Pokemon including Chikorita (#152), and Celebi (#251) have been found in the Pokedex in the code along with ho-oh, and Lugia. These Pokemon being in just some of the 52 new family of Pokemon spotted. While these Pokemon still don’t list movesets for the new Pokemon, it’s pretty safe to say that Niantic are hard at work at revamping the Pokemon GO app in a much bigger way than many may have anticipated.

While speculating that Generation 2 will arrive sometime next year (nothing’s set in stone for the time being), it looks as though Ditto may just come to Pokemon GO in the not too distant future. Seeing as the Transform move has recently been found in the code, but isn’t set to Ditto, it may be a while before we get to see this fan favorite Pokemon in our sightings.

Pokemon Go Ditto

Niantic Labs have proven that they can bring back a lot of players with their recent Halloween update, and newly added daily quests should help get more consistent players out there as well. As many are speculating, players will more than likely get another unique event rolled out sometime near this upcoming holiday season. Only time will tell when we get to see these new updates but you can bet that a large flood of players will be flooding small areas yet again once Generation 2 comes to the game.

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