Get Paid To Download Borderlands 2 On Steam? (Hilarious Typo)

Doubleshot Bandit

If you thought PlayStation fans had it good when they could download Borderlands 2 for free with PlayStation Plus, Steam gives its fans an offer they simply can not refuse. Well, not really.



As we all know, Steam usually has a pretty good sale going on. A typo on the front page makes it seem like you can purchase Borderlands 2 for $-15.01, meaning you would get fifteen dollars and one cent for downloading the title if this were real. Going to the page to purchase the game, shoppers will realize the game is actually 75% off, and not 125% off. Still a good deal, but just not as good as a free game and free money.


UPDATE: Youtuber BrokenGamezHD Tweeted a screenshot of a similar typo, except for Tomb Raider Underworld, which can be found here.