GTA Online’s Content Creator Makes It Way to Free Roam…Unofficially

Posted 2014/02/24 by Andrew Arellano in Gaming

At this point, you’d think I would be tired of posting all of this GTA news, let alone dealing with it, but the truth is, all of these exploits/glitches tend to make the game more fun. Because, more often than not, it exemplifies and enhances what used to be the core GTA experience. Chaos.

Over the years, GTA’s chaos has become more controlled and predictable, but the worlds created by Rockstar have only turned into bigger, crazier playgrounds. Curious players sticking their heads and controllers where most people would think they probably shouldn’t, has basically turned Rockstar’s precisely crafted online experience on it’s head.

And I’m loving every minute of it. While some may argue that these disruptions are causing the highly anticipated heists and other DLC to be delayed, I have been playing free mode and actually enjoying myself more than ever. Frustration, glitches, exploits, bloodthirsty players who kill you on sight…it’s GTA at it’s sometimes unfortunate finest.

The newest trend in the world of messing with the intended gameplay experience? Spawning cars, construction objects, ramps, barriers, explosive barrels and whatever else you could think of, all over the damn place. In Free Roam. With 16 players. Someone has figured out a way to enable the Content Creator in public lobbies, and it’s spreading like wildfire. Essentially, this means you could literally build races and deathmatches on the fly, anywhere you want, but 9 times out of 10 this will be used to irritate other players by trapping them inside barriers. Kinda like this.

Guys, lets show Rockstar that even if we do things that could be bad, remind them that a lot of us grew up playing GTA and we just want lots of bananas. Or something. I don’t know anymore. I for one, would not mind have a ramp outside of my garage. Can someone make that happen? Pretty please?

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