How to Post Tutorial


This is an updated article, I removed on how to compose a post on Blogger because we got rid of that format. Once you are done revising your post, before you get ready to post anything you need to follow these steps. Quick tips when posting, always make sure images are not too big or small and they are completely centered. Any text from your article should be aligned to the left side. Drewsdays know the right dimensions for pictures so he should actually show everyone how he does it as soon as he can. Once you are done with your post and everything looks fine follow these instructions.
Next you are going to want to go to the Categories section and click the Category that your post belongs to.
Next you are going to go to the Tags area and add one of the selected Tags available. Tags sync to the Featured slider and is very important. Gaming, Skating, Film, Music, and Art are the current tags. 
Next you need to select the Featured image slider. Previously I stated that the image must be at least 640×426. This is so the Featured image on the main page fills up the entire area. Make sure to title your image for traffic purposes.

Once finished go to Featured Image Size and select Hidden.

Next you are going to type in a short description about your post under the Metadata. This is very important for traffic purposes.

Keywords are also important. These will also help generate traffic to your post.

Last you are going to need to click visual and make sure your post is structured correctly make sure all Pictures and Videos are aligned to the left. I hope this guide helps you and it is by far the easiest way to configure post to WordPress and structure the post the way we want.