Ikigami: The Ultimate Limit Vol. 10 Review


It’s been a wild and emotional ride, but Ikigami has finally come to a shocking and dramatic end.

I first began reading the English release of Ikigami: The Ultimate Limit back in 2009. What began as back to back releases soon became yearly waits for a single volume. Ikigami ended it’s original run back in 2012, but US readers have had to wait longer. Eagerly awaiting for a new volume to reach the states each year has been no easy task.

I’m relieved and a bit sad to say that I’ve finally crossed the finish line of this series. After wrapping up vol. 10 last night, I can say with confidence that the final chapter in this emotionally draining series is absolutely perfect.

Without spoiling too much, here are the details and my thoughts on the final two episodes of Ikigami.

Episode 19: Entrusted Words

Kengo Fujimoto is starting to rebel against a system that he has struggled with since day one. We’re introduced to a bad ass named Mamoru Nakagami who struggles with internal rage as a member of the National Welfare Police. We’re also introduced to Naoko Sasamura, an official from the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare of Japan who is interested in adopting the National Welfare Act for Japan. Ms. Sasamura also struggles with an emotional situation internally throughout the episode.

Episode 19 plays an important role in the build up to the final chapter. The episode will strike at your emotions like a few episodes from previous volumes, but Kengo Fujimoto’s “situation” winds up stealing the spotlight immediately all while a major conflict begins to brew. Episode 19 is an emotionally gripping chapter that fans of the series will both applaud and appreciate.

Episode 20: The Phantom Country

Half a year after the major incident involving Kengo Fujimoto, war has engulfed the country. Mr. Fujimoto is asked to prove loyalty to his country after receiving a shocking revelation about the National Welfare Act. 

Episode 20 is a prime example of how to end a series correctly. This highly thrilling and suspenseful final chapter is filled with deception, betrayal, and shocking revelations. Watching Kengo Fujimoto go from someone afraid of a system he assisted to a man with nothing to lose has been a fantastic experience. The internal struggle we’ve watched Kengo face through each chapter all comes down to one final and jaw-dropping moment. It’s just all so perfect…


Ikigami: The Ultimate Limit is finally over. I never thought a manga series could have this much of an impact on me and the entire series is overwhelming to say the least. There are many important lessons one can pick up from this series; the most important being the appreciation of a person’s life. Ikigami is a powerful example of what happens when you give a system so much power that it becomes destructive to all of society.

I recommend this entire series for those of you want to dive into a world filled with last minute desperations and government conspiracies. Ikigami awaits you.

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