Impulse Gear Co-Founder Randy Nolta Talks PlayStation VR’s Farpoint

Impulse Gear Co-Founder Randy Nolta Talks PlayStation VR's Farpoint

Over the course of E3 2016, the Junkie Monkeys team were able to dabble in quite a few virtual reality titles. Last year during E3 2015, we crowned Guerrilla Games‘ upcoming esports-arena battle title, RIGS, our favorite game of the show. This year, a new exciting PlayStation VR title has taken the crown with a landslide victory. That title is FarpointImpulse Gear‘s upcoming genre defining virtual – first person shooter experience. Farpoint easily took over Sony‘s show floor in the west hall of the Los Angeles Convention Center. Built like it’s desolate setting, the Farpoint booth created a long line of curious, yet stimulated players ready to see what was the big fuss about Farpoint.

Impulse Gear Co-Founder Randy Nolta Talks PlayStation VR's Farpoint

From my own experience, I can easily see the immense amount of potential in Farpoint. The small team at Impulse Gear were created by Sony to create something special, and so they have. Farpoint easily immerses players right into the atmosphere. Players will feel a sense of desolation, caution, and urgency while traveling through the soundless yet dangerous lands of the alien planet. Along with the PlayStation VR headset, PlayStation VR’s new Aim controller plays a heavy part in the development of Farpoint. The game was literally built around the peripheral.

Through a great friend, I got a chance to meet Randy Nolta – the Co-Founder of Impulse Gear. He shared some really insightful details about the team behind Farpoint, the production, and the journey of creating their very own title, plus more. Check out the interview between me, and Randy below. Enjoy!

Randy, and the Impulse Gear team are really cooking up something special. With the PlayStation VR headset working hand in hand with upcoming PlayStation VR aim controller, there is no doubt that Farpoint will be pioneering a new era of first person shooter experiences. Farpoint is going to pick-up all the aspects of the arcade-quarter sucking-machine shooter games like House of the Dead, and place them right in the living room of many homes. Stay tuned to Junkie Monkeys for more coverage regarding Farpoint, as we’ll be dedicated to keeping our readers up to date on all new information to come! lastly, special thanks to Randy, and the Impulse Gear team for allowing me extra hands on time with Farpoint, and this exclusive interview. Cheers!