Inside Nintendo World Championships 2015 Regional Qualifier


After 25 years, the Nintendo World Championships have returned! Today gamers all over the country flocked to one of the eight locations hosting the qualification round of the tournament with high hopes of being the highest scorer.

I’m lucky enough to live about 5 minutes away from one of the Best Buy locations hosting the Nintendo World Championships 2015 qualifier. When I arrived at the Best Buy in Tacoma, WA this morning, a huge line wrapped all away around the building with fans eager to get in on the competition!

Nintendo World Championships Tacoma

Nintendo World Championships Tacoma 2015

Nintendo fans young and old (mostly old) arrived to showcase their skills at the classic trio of Mario game titles. A handful of fans even went all out in their favorite Nintendo mascot’s attire.

Nintendo World Championships 2015

Inside attendants provided competitors with a 3DS loaded up with Ultimate NES Remix and kept track of the highest scores. All of the competitors I witnessed playing were in serious concentration mode it was a bloodbath.






While I was there, someone apparently cracked over 4 million points! Upon hearing this news, I decided it was time to put my skills to the test.



I cracked a little under a million points and failed miserably. All in all it was a fun experience and it’s always great to experience something as momentous as the Nintendo World Championships. Hopefully Nintendo plans to revive the competition in the years to come and not make gamers wait another quarter of a century for the next tournament!

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