Is Sony Bend Working on a Zombie Game?


Before today, all we knew about Sony Bend‘s next game was that it is coming to the PlayStation 4. Today, we may have just gotten more information on the game from popular insider Shinobi.

While this may seem like a stretch calling it a zombie game, one Twitter user asked Shinobi if he was hinting at a zombie racing game. Here is his reply:



It seems like the game will be called Dead Don’t Ride, or will at least carry that tagline.

I did find this Reddit link  from 2014 saying Bend might be working on an open world horror game, so those two rumors match up.

Keep in mind that Shinobi’s tweets are in no way factual evidence that Sony Bend is working on a game called Dead Don’t Ride, and that it involves zombies. Take this rumor with a grain of salt.

Hopfully we’ll find out exactly what game Bend is working on at E3 2016. When the game is announced, be sure to find all the information on it right here at Junkie Monkeys!