Junkie Monkeys are Looking for New Dedicated Writers & Personalities!

Junkie Monkeys are Looking for New Dedicated Writers!

Hi! Welcome to Junkie Monkeys! Are you our next writer? My name is Chris, and I am one of the editors of the Monkey crew. It’s been 3 years since Junkie Monkeys has been alive and kicking, and we’ve been going strong with a solid crew, and a nice community of supporters behind us! However, we’re always looking to give new writers a chance to display their thoughts, and work on our platform. We at Junkie Monkeys, pride ourselves in having fun while conducting proper journalism business. We believe in personality, integrity, honesty, and dedication. These four words define what we are. That being said, we’re looking for new writers! Do you have the requirements? Lets discuss what we’re looking for.

  1. Dedication – we’re looking for hard workers. Consistency is a major key. Writers that are constantly on the ball. We cover various genres ranging from video games, film, music, and more. Post as much as you want! When you want! We love to see writers that have a drive, and a passion for what they do!
  2. Integrity & Honesty – We’re not looking to break the hottest story on a rumor. Rumors are nice, but Junkie Monkeys is a valid news source. Our readers depend on us to deliver them factual pieces of news. Breaking stories will come, but we’re not pushing for them. Yes, that means click bait.
  3. Personality – Junkie Monkeys is a brand name that completely expresses our team. We’re monkeys! We don’t want any robots writing for us! That means, show some personality! We’re looking for personality in writing. We’re looking for personalities that can present themselves in front of a camera. We believe that personality is a large key to success.
  4. Experience – Experience does help! If you have any experience in writing, be sure to let us know! This writing position is strictly voluntary. It is not a paying position at the moment.

These are our requirements. If you believe that you embody with these four words mean to us, and are interested in writing, contact us! Our Junkie Monkeys Facebook page and Twitter page are always open! You can contact me via my Facebook or Twitter. You can also contact the founders of Junkie Monkeys, Jeff Rogers or Will Manzo, via their Twitter pages. Don’t less this opportunity pass you by. If you have a passion for writing, and you’re interested in video games, movies, music, skating and more – Junkie Monkeys might be the place for you!