Justin Roiland Unveils Squanchtendo Games

Posted 2016/08/26 by Jeff R. in Gaming
Squanchtendo Games

Squanchtendo Games


It’s finally happened people. One of the chaotic masterminds behind Rick and Morty has created a video game studio!

It’s no secret that The Real Adventures of Doc and Mharti creator, Justin Roiland, is a huge fan of video games. Justin has mentioned in the past that he has wanted to make games for quite some time and now that appears to be a reality!

Allow us to help reintroduce Squanchtendo Games!


Squanchtendo Games is in a unique position to take over the VR gaming market. With two creative minds currently behind the wheel of this unique studio, I can see Squanchtendo doing amazing things in the near future.

We will be sure to update you on all things Squanchtendo!

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