Justin Roiland’s Rick and Morty Art Stolen from Gum Wall

Rick and Morty Gumwall Art

Something very interesting happened over the weekend in Seattle and I feel that this story must come to light. Justin Roiland placed a one of a kind Rick and Morty sketch to Seattle’s Gum Wall only to have it stolen a couple of days later.

Gum wall?

Yes, in Seattle there is a spot right near the Pike Place Market called the “Gum Wall”. The tradition to stick gum on the wall started way back in the early 90’s, and the place is considered to be one of the most germiest places in the world! Very disgusting… I’ve been there too many times to count.

Justin Roiland recently took the time to visit the infamous gum wall and attach a piece of original Rick and Morty art to it. Here it is for those who missed it.

Naturally many people reacted with comments saying that his work would be stolen or covered up, but you have to realize just how disgusting a person has to be to want to steal something off the gum wall.

Shortly afterwards another Rick and Morty fan placed a Mr. Meeseeks doll near Justin’s artwork.

The next day I decided to visit the wall, and to my complete surprise the sketch was still there! I figured I would add a little extra gum to make it difficult for anyone who might attempt to steal the artwork.

Just when things were looking up, someone decided to steal the artwork a day later.

The disgusting part about the theft is that the thief also took the gum used to keep the picture in place. Maybe the thief is a gum collector and has some fucked up shrine where he collects celebrity gum (sort of like this).  While that scenario could happen, the thief more than likely plans to extract DNA from the gum so he can create a real life House of Roilands.

Jokes aside, I was hoping more fans would come up with ways to leave the artwork alone, but Justin has stated that he’s found a way to make the next Rick and Morty art piece last a very long time. I’ll be sure to post whatever Justin plans to cook up next time; I’m sure it will be disgusting, yet glorious.

Just remember if this piece pops up on Ebay one of these days you know where it came from…