Naughty Dog Reveals Jak & Daxter 4 Environment Concept Art

Jak fan art

Naughty Dog recently showed off some environment concept art that was intended for Jak & Daxter 4.

It’s no secret that Naughty Dog originally had plans to develop another Jak video¬†game. The highly acclaimed studio has revealed proof that they were indeed working on a Jak 4 game.

Our pal James M. attended A Tribute to Naughty Dog: 30th Anniversary exhibition and snapped the following environment concept art that was designed or Jak 4.

Jak 4

There is also an image in The Art of Naughty Dog in the “Undeveloped Projects” section that shows both Jak and Daxter in a similar environment.

Jak and Daxter

Another shot of environmental designs from the art book.


This is not the only Jak 4 content to spring up from Naughty Dog.¬†PSU has also revealed some Jak and Daxter 4 images that were revealed from Naughty Dog’s 30th Anniversary art book prematurely.

Jak & Daxter PS4


Jak 4

This will surely sting die hard fans who have been craving a new Jak title for years. The question is, would gamers have accepted this grittier version of Jak & Daxter? Naughty Dog did state that they were taking the game in a new direction before disbanding the project. Only time will tell if Naughty Dog plans on going back to the drawing board to take another crack at reviving this beloved series.

Header fan art courtesy of Chris Clancy.

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