New Mobile Pokémon Game Now Available

The Pokémon Company has released another mobile game. There are no Pokémon to catch and collect this time however. The latest game focuses solely on training one Pokémon; Magikarp.


This new adventure begins like any other Pokémon game with opening tutorials from a professor who tells us all about the new journey. The original music from Red, Blue, and Yellow even plays. The notoriously weak Magikarp is the only Pokémon that is acquired.

The overall concept of this game is very similar to the Magikarp Splash minigame on Pokémon Stadium. The objective in this new game is to strengthen Magikarp’s jumping ability and compete in matches to see who’s Karp can jump the highest. Magikarp gains XPs by eating foods scattered throughout its fish tank in between matches. Real money can be spent to buy stuff in-game, and there are also online communication features as well.

Magikarp Jump is available on iOS and Android devices. This fact that this game is so ridiculously cheesy makes it very entertaining.