Niantic Starting To Crack Down on Pokémon Go Cheaters

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If you want to catch ’em all on your smartphone, then you have to do it legitimately. Pokémon Go developer Niantic has begun a major crack down on those who use cheats and hacks in the game, resulting in harsh penalties for these users.

Cheaters have been taking over certain parts of Pokémon Go, and ruining it for those who play it honestly. Bots are being used by cheaters to manipulate the game’s location-tracking system and make it appear that a player is walking around when they actually aren’t. Certain bots are also enabling cheaters to be able to play the game 24/7. The result of this is cheating players taking over the gyms with overpowered Pokémon, and making normal players unable to win.

Niantic has become aware of this, and they are beginning to take action. Cheaters will now receive lifetime bans from Pokémon Go if they are caught. Niantic is also threatening to take legal action against the developers of these bots. The company is also taking action against the creators of illegitimate mapping services such as PokéVision, which have since been disabled in Pokémon Go.

Niantic has also said that they are working on making their own legitimate tracking system, that can help players find rare Pokémon easier. The company is hoping that this new system, and the lifetime bans will bring back those who stopped playing because of cheaters.