Nintendo Direct (3/3/16) Highlights


A bittersweet Nintendo Direct took place on Thursday March 3, 2016. It one of the first full scale Directs to take place since the death of President Satoru Iwata, who often hosted the events. Several different games were announced and talked about, including Star Fox Zero.


Nintendo legend Shigeru Miyamoto hosted the Star Fox Zero segment, and he gave us some very good news about the anticipated title. Rumors had been circulating in the past few days that the game was going to be delayed again. Miyamoto informed us that was not the case, and the game will be coming out on April 22. He also told us that a second Star Fox videogame called Star Fox Guard will be bundled with physical copies of Zero at its release next month.

Inkopolis Squids

Another rumor that had been circulating on the internet was that no more content and updates were going to be added to Splatoon. This rumor was debunked by Nintendo during the Direct, as they informed us that more updates and additional content are going to be added to the game in the next several weeks. Some of the features will include more weapons, and improvements to the game’s online matchmaking.


A new Kirby game was announced called Kirby Planet Robot which will be coming to the 3DS. A line of Kirby Amiibo figures was also revealed. Four figures (as seen above) were revealed for this game. Models of Kirby, Meta Knight, King Dedede, and a Waddle Dee will be released. Each figure will have different functions in Kirby Planet Robot.

A new Art Academy game featuring all Disney elements was shown. Players will be able to draw a wide variety of characters, including various Pixar characters, and Frozen. Disney Art Academy will be released on May 13.

Several other games were also announced at this Nintendo Direct. An obscure 3DS game called Pocket Card Jockey was announced. The Game Freak developed title combines Solitaire and horse racing. Monster Hunter X will finally be coming to the West. It will be titled Monster Hunter Generations in our region.

A new game requiring Amiibos was also shown in a game called Mini Mario & Friends: Amiibo Challenge. A free download for the game will be bundled with all Amiibo figures starting March 25. The game will also land on the eShop April 28 as a free download.

Twilight Princess HD was briefly discussed. It was more of a reminder that it comes out tomorrow March 4. There were no references or anything mentioned about Zelda Wii U, or the Nintendo NX.