Overwatch Meets Friends TV Show


This Overwatch parody of the hit 90’s TV show Friends is no comeback reunion, but it’s still pretty damn good!

A YouTube user by the name of Sidriel has put together a hilarious parody video of the hit tv show, Friends, using the Overwatch animated shorts from the devs at Blizzard Entertainment.

[br]This is one of many videos that shows how the Overwatch community is strong and thriving when it comes to creating content. With Blizzard actively expanding content in Overwatch, it’s pretty safe to say that the game is here to stay for a very long time. Especially since most of the content coming to the game is going to be free. If you want to catch some Overwatch gameplay, you can catch us streaming the game on our Twitch channel by clicking here. Do make sure to stay tuned to JunkieMonkeys for more on Overwatch.