Pacific Rim – Review

Pacific Rim Review Pacific Rim Review

To many, Guillermo Del Toro’s newest film Pacific Rim sets a new standard for monster movies, but to others the film falls just short of decent. It’s a film about giant mechs fighting enormous monsters to save the world. You know, everyday hero stuff. So does the film impress, or is it a giant disappointment altogether? Let’s find out.

Fans of anything that includes a giant robot or mech (e.g. Gundam series, RAD game, etc.) should know by now that not all of these epic metal machines are controlled by themselves, but by pilots. There are of course exceptions (e.g. The Iron Giant), but Pacific Rim’s take on piloting mechs requires the necessity of two pilots in sync with one another mentally. It’s surprisingly engaging and a nice addition to the film.

To avoid any spoilers in this review, I will summarize the film as best as possible.

Monsters rose from the sea and the mechs are here to kick some kaiju ass. The overall plan to kill off these beasts? Mech Pilots are “…cancelling the apocalypse“.

Even though I consider myself a big fan of monster movies, I can see why some people would be turned off after seeing Pacific Rim. The film is about robots that fight monsters and the performances from actors aren’t exactly the best they could be. Don’t get me wrong, the actors had great performances in my book, but do I personally feel that any of the actors will get oscars for their performances in this film? Sadly no, but I wouldn’t doubt seeing a nomination on ‘Best Action Film‘ for Pacific Rim.

Pacific Rim is a film that revolutionizes the monster movie genre. The film is without a doubt, the start of a modern Godzilla era. Even though the film could have used some extra scenes for some of the mechs, Del Toro has done a damn good job at creating such an excellent tribute to monster movies. If you have the time and money, I highly recommend seeing Pacific Rim… in IMAX. You won’t regret it.

For any Metal Gear fans that still aren’t convinced to see Pacific Rim…I’ll just leave this here.