PaRappa Voice Actor Leads Petition for PaRappa The Rapper 3

Junkie Monkeys recently caught up with our good friend Dred Foxx to talk about his campaign for PaRappa the Rapper 3 and more.

JM: Hey Dred it's been a while since we last spoke how are you?

Foxx: Glad to be back! Thanks for reaching out to the man behind the icon..again! From most posts I've read on my "PaRappa the Rapper Fan Circle" (@facebook) PaRappa is a smash once more. Wow! The rise in new fans has been amazing. I get new "friend requests" every other day since "PS ALL STARS BATTLE ROYALE!" Thanks to the original fan base, gamers, writers/bloggers, and online mags like you guys at JM for keeping PTR alive for 16 years, and for his re-introduction. Also, with the techo-generation of today, new fans are able to surf the net quick and get the full scoop on the "Popular Pup!"

JM: Have you gotten the chance to play PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale yet?

Foxx: Yeah I have played PSASBR a couple of times and was impressed with the way the characters were close to their originals. It wasn't to computer generated, where it would have pixeled out the original looks, sounds/voices, and perceptions that made us PlayStation All Stars in the first place, unlike the CARTOON NETWORKS' version of PaRappa The Rapper…tsk tsk tsk! Not only did they use an unknown voice artist (they could have found the original franchise artists), but they altered the animation! Too many dimensions, a lot of fans I know hate it.

JM: Sony recently let SuperBot Entertainment go, what is your personal take on this? Do you think the game could have been better?

Foxx: SuperBot Entertainment being released from SONY after only a couple of months is nothing but "nutty politics"..period. It's the corporates. Just like the ones who control the music industry, they have no grassroots involvement. They deal in sales.."NO SALES, NO DEAL". What's really unfortunate is the dedicated true games and developers who lost hours of sleep, years of time + money investments, and creativity just so a project so anticipated can wind up on a shelf..or on Ebay for .99 cents… sad, but true. SuperBot keep moving forward! There's so much more. If you need me on deck for voice projects I'm a free agent!

JM: PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale may have breathed new life into characters like Sir Daniel, Spike, and of course PaRappa. We have seen a couple of of MediEvil and Ape Escape related games in recent years, however we haven't seen much of PaRappa. Do you think there is any hope for PaRappa the Rapper 3?

Foxx: I get this question almost daily "PARAPPA 3?! PARAPPA 3?! PARAPPA 3?!?!?" If there is ANYTHING the gaming world needs it's PARAPPA 3! Believe me when I say WORLD! I get messages from all over the planet. Indonesia, Spain, Portugal, the UK, Japan, and USA with the same want…WE WANT PARAPPA 3! Can you hear me SONY? The original crew is all for it, we just need the right person at SCEA or SONY Japan (where PTR is enormous!) to hear the cheers of devoted followers, fans, and most important… consumers!

JM: There seems to be a lot of fan demand for PaRappa the Rapper 3 on your Facebook fan page. You seem to be really connected to the fans, what steps are you taking to let Sony know we want PaRappa the Rapper 3?

Foxx: I started a petition about a year ago @ facebook "Where is PaRappa?" where I'm gathering testimonies from fans talking about their first memorable moments or PaRappa experiences. By this networking I can get the word "To whom it may concern!" If anyone feels the same way as I do then I need your support. If you have any info that will help contact SONY through other sources, please do and get it to me @ "Where is PaRappa?" on Facebook. The more we fans and supporters push towards PTR 3 the better the chance, it's strength in numbers! Sonic and Crash are in their fifth or sixth version and been around as long (if not longer), but not as iconic. Man! I'm a fan myself. I would love to get together with my PaRappa Town Pals for a third installation! UmJammer Lammy and the Milk Cans part 2… this time we fuse more Hip Hop and Rock… Limp Bizkit style.. Let's go!

JM: Let's take some time to look at a few testimonies from your "Where is Parappa?" petition.

Florian Matthews: First picked up PaRappa ten years ago, recently got into the whole thing again thanks to YouTube. Easily one of the most fun, addictive music-based games ever made. Picked it up recently, and realized PaRappa games, were the kind of games the market had been missing over the last few years. Games with simple, but meaningful stories, simple, yet addictive gameplay, and most of all, music made from the heart. This game taught us how to appreciate good lyrics and good music, and it also taught us how to believe in ourselves and to keep doing what you want to do, no matter the struggles, no matter the pain. We all gotta believe. We're all PaRappa when we believe.

Myles Berrin: My sister went off to college recently… I'd never really played the games, she would do it, and I'd watch. When she left, I didn't really know how to feel, I didn't think much of it. I popped in our copy of the second game, and on the memory card, was my sister's account, untouched since 2008… I cried for the first time in years… I love her so much, and miss her everyday, but playing the game reminds me of how much she's still around.

Dane Hamm: I first discovered PaRappa in the demo disc with the PS1. At first I didn't understand it at all, but then a friend explained it to me and I ended up getting the full game. I fell in love with it. Instructor Mosselini's RAP is probably my favorite song from the game. After beating the game I was always wondering when part 2 was going to be released and one day I randomly stumbled upon UmJammer Lammy. Looking at the cover seeing Katy Ket, I realized that this game was linked to the PaRappa series so I had to get it. Little did I know how awesome it was going to be. (if only the PSN re-release didn't have those notorious sync issues…) Finally the true part 2 came and I could not wait to play it. Again, I loved every minute of it.

JM: PaRappa has definitely touched the lives of many including myself and it's great to hear that you continue to interact with the PaRappa fanbase! Let's continue on.

JM: If Sony were to green-light PaRappa the Rapper 3, do you think it is strong enough to appear as a PlayStation 3 title or even a PlayStation 4 title? I personally think PaRappa the Rapper 3 would be a great title exclusively for the PlayStation Vita, unless they somehow revamped the play system. What are your thoughts on this?

Foxx: With the green-light I know it can stand alone, as long as the writers don't stray to far from what made PaRappa who he is… positive and cool. Once again the music would be done by Masaya Matsuura with a touch of "KABENOIZ MUZIK" (cabin noise is a Dred Foxx production company) to give it that head turning "bump" to reach the masses. PTR 3 has a ring to it, where as PTR 4 another name would fit better.."PTR's HIP HOP ADVENTURE CONTINUED.." guest appearances from a couple of rap artists like Big Daddy Kane, Snoop, Method Man, Redman, Dred Foxx, Queen Latifah…hmmm.. then follow up with "The Boondocks" style cartoon, except rated E for everyone! OH YES! PaRappa should remain a SONY all systems exclusive, he seems happy at home base. You know what happens when you change addresses! 

JM: If you had one thing to say to Sony about PaRappa the Rapper 3 what would it be?

Foxx: One thing I would tell SONY… now is the time!!! New fans, new ideas, new and old talent, new merchandising… new MONEY! Don't let something so influential and ingenious slip away and someone else (like me) leases or buys the rights from the creator (Rodney Greenblatt) and produce a PTR motion picture with my boy Ryu Watabe (Chop Chop Master Onion) overseas! Seriously.

JM: Let's move on to another PaRappa topic.

JM: PaRappa has been somewhat of an icon in pop culture over the years. In most recent years there have been a couple of Robot Chicken sketches featuring the likes of PaRappa, Chop Chop Master Onion, and MC King Kong Mushi. The first sketch which was done a while back I believe featured your friend Ryu Watabe for "Can't Be a Crime to Kick a Dope Rhyme". The most recent sketch featured both PaRappa and 50 cent, but I was a little sad to hear that they didn't use your voice for either sketch. Has Adult Swim ever reached out to you to play PaRappa, or were there complications with that?

Foxx: Yeah ADULT SWIM is crazy! The first time I saw the Robot Chicken sketch I was shocked that PTR is so accepted that groups of writers sit around developing skits and mocking my voice on National/International TV?! To me that's BIG! In a couple of minutes like "Saturday Night Live" or "In Living Color" they mock the worst and the best. I just saw the episode when PTR battles a G-Unit wannabee and 50 puts me in his crew. PaRappa a gangsta? NOT! It was still funny. As far as ADULT SWIM or any other show recruiting artists, it's cheaper and easier to hire and imitator. More politics.

JM: Well Mr. Foxx, thank you for taking the time out to answer our questions and we hope to see more of PaRappa and you in the future!

Foxx: Thanks again to my whole "PaRappa the Rapper Fan Circle" @ Facebook and all the fans and supporters. Hopefully you'll hear from me again real soon. Special shout to my boy Chop Chop Master Onion (Ryu Watabe) Antinos Management, and of course the man behind the ART (drum roll please) Rodney Greenblatt! Extra shout out to you Treezy @ JM for the rock homie! Anyone who needs to get at me hit me on Facebook: "I gotta believe in PTR3!" PEACE and LOVE ALL.

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Image credits to Dred Foxx and Splapp-me-do.