PAX Prime 2015: Death’s Gambit Hands-On Impressions

Deaths Gambit

Now that the PAX Prime wave has finally subsided, I can finally start talking about all the fantastic games I experienced during this year’s showcase. Why don’t we start with the best video game available at the convention… Death’s Gambit.

Yes you heard correctly, the very best game I played during PAX Prime is Death’s Gambit from White Rabbit & Adult Swim Games!

What’s the best way to describe Death’s Gambit you ask? Well, just imagine Demon’s Souls as a 2D RPG side scrolling adventure. Sounds pretty bad ass right?

Death’s Gambit is definitely bad ass! While this game is clearly inspired by the ‘Souls’ series, Castlevania, and Shadow of the Colossus, it doesn’t mean that the game is unoriginal. In fact, Death’s Gambit is probably one of the most challenging games you will ever play. Seriously, you’re going to fucking die… a lot.

The best part about dying in this game is that you still earn experience points that can be used to make your character even more bad ass. There are also various shield upgrades and special attacks that can be equipped in the game to give you a temporary advantage when fighting enemies. It is important to not treat this game as a hack and slash and to plan your attacks strategically. Trust me, if you rush, you’re going to die!

So how do I survive?

Well there are also healing items in the game and they really come in handy when you’re making your way to the boss.

The boss?!

Yes! The Death’s Gambit build I played had a boss fight and it was ridiculously tough. I battled a beast that shared some similarities to Bloodborne’s Cleric Beast and I was repeatedly destroyed! The Tundra Lord Kaern is truly a devastating beast; if it didn’t kill me with it’s homing/piercing icicle shots, I’d either die from his vicious combat attacks or from falling off the platform.

How the hell did you fall off the platform?

During this particular boss fight, the platform must be evenly balanced or it will tilt to the side holding the most weight causing you to fall to your death! This dynamic feature is just another thing you have to worry about and I absolutely love it!

Death’s Gambit isn’t one of those games that holds your hand and says it’s going to be OK. No, Death’s Gambit is a game that will grab your hand and throw you into chaos while laughing hysterically at you struggle from the sidelines. Gaming masochists prepare yourselves because Death’s Gambit is coming for you!

When is the game coming out?

While playing the demo I spoke with Death’s Gambit mastermind, Jean Canellas, and was informed that the team is still planning a PC/PS4 release sometime in 2016. This leads me to the only negative thing I have to say about the game;  I do not want to wait until 2016 and I would do just about anything to get Death’s Gambit into my gaming arsenal right now!

Stay tuned to Junkie Monkeys for more info on Death’s Gambit!