PAX West 2016 – Hands-On with Rick and Morty Simulator: Virtual Rick-ality


The Adult Swim hit show Rick and Morty has taken over this world, and very soon the virtual world will also succumb to antics of Rick and Morty.

Adult Swim Games had one of the most popular booths at PAX this year, and they were not even on the main show floor. The line for Rick and Morty Simulator: Virtual Rick-ality was constantly capped, and a 2 hour wait time was the price fans had pay in order to play this game! If this doesn’t tell you that there must be something special about this game, then get outta’ here now!

The Demo

In the Rick and Morty: VR demo I found out that I was a Morty clone and was immediately instructed to wash Rick’s clothes in the garage. Rick commented on how slow I was at performing the washing task, and once I was finished, I was shot in the face and sent to Purgatory! There is a phone in Purgatory ringing and I couldn’t quite here the message since I didn’t position the phone to my ear properly, but I assume it said something like “You fucked up, try again”. I was immediately transported back to the garage and told to get a package out of the driveway using the Meeseeks box located at Rick’s crafting station. I pressed the Meeseeks button and a ball appeared. I grabbed the ball, threw the ball on the ground, and a virtual Meeseeks appeared!


Now here’s the part where I breakaway from the gameplay to comment on some dope shit that Owlchemy Labs has done. The motion of throwing the Meeseeks ball on the ground and having a VR Meeseeks appear, feels exactly like you’re a Pokemon trainer throwing a pokeball into a battle. I think Owlchemy has beat Nintendo at their own game and can use this to make Pocket Mortys VR in the future! You guys have the technology and the skill… make it happen!


Now back to the demo… A wild storm begins to happen and Rick told me to pull the lever to activate the blast shields around the house. Once I activated the blast shields a portal appeared in front of me and Rick urged me to go through it. I walked through the portal onto a platform in the middle of space only to see Rick and Morty on another platform with Rick shouting and promoting Rick and Morty Simulator: Virtual Rick-ality!


The Rick and Morty: VR demo was pretty short, but I was profoundly effected by it at the end of the day. Out of every game I’ve played at PAX this year, Rick and Morty Simulator: Virtual Rick-ality was the absolute best game at the convention (this marks the second year in a row that I’ve given ASG “Best Game” at PAX). I am extremely thankful that I got the chance to step into the world of Rick and Morty: VR. The HTC Vive is still clearly the best option for VR and I can’t picture myself having the same great experience with this game on other VR platforms. Rick and Morty: VR contains the same great humor you expect from the television show, with the added benefit of being able to immerse yourself into the Rick and Morty universe. Adult Swim Games is bringing the heat once again and has proven time and time again that the publisher is a force to be reckoned with in the gaming industry. I can’t think of one negative thing to say about my experience with this title and I can’t wait until this game hits the market!