Peter Panic (Act 1) Review


Several days ago if you told me about Peter Panic I would have had no idea what the hell you were talking about. Peter Panic was not on my radar until Adult Swim Games sent me a code telling me to try the game out. ASG has been on a roll with their video game releases as of late, so I figured that Peter Panic must be something truly special.


If I could sum up Peter Panic in one word I would have to say… impressive. Peter Panic took me by surprise and is one of the most original games I’ve played in recent memory!



Something dark and sinister is brewing in this digital theatrical world and it’s up to Peter to save the day! Peter Panic is without a doubt the most entertaining mobile game you will play this year. The game is basically a mix bag of mini-games combined with a full blown musical! The musical production is what gives Peter Panic it’s charm, and players will surely find Act 1 of this mini game extremely satisfying to the eardrums. Peter Panic also features some pretty clever Easter eggs that are sure to make even the most casual of gamers chuckle. Peter Panic’s art style isn’t anything special, but the Broadway-caliber performances blow everything else out of the water. Seriously, this game could have featured stick figures and it would still be highly entertaining!

peter panic gif


It’s been a very long time since I played a game that predominately consist of mini-games. I’ve never been too fond of the mini-game format and I can only think of two mini-game oriented titles that I have found myself revisiting over the years (Game & Watch Gallery and Work Time Fun). It’s not that I do not find the mini-game format entertaining, but most of the mini-games I’ve played are not very memorable. In Peter Panic’s case, the mini-game format helps progress the highly entertaining musical even further, and the micro games featured in Peter Panic are actually pretty fun!

Peter Panic mini game

In Peter Panic’s current state there are over 30 mini games to choose from. There are five main levels to beat that contain at least 6 mini-games in each level. Each mini game gradually becomes faster and harder as a player continues to score higher points in any given level, however, Peter Panic rewards players for reaching higher goals. If players score 15 points they will unlock new areas to visit, if players score over 25 points they will unlock a hard difficulty option for that particular level (as well as another special musical performance), and if players score over 35 points they will unlock 200 bonus coins!

Peter Panic Adult Swim Games

Players also have the ability to unlock custom items for Peter with the coins they earn from various stages. Players can also purchase and unlock mini-games at an arcade, as well as train in an ultimate mash up of every mini-game currently available at the VR station! In a nutshell, Peter Panic has a lot to offer in the replay department, but is still a very short game overall.


Peter Panic is a very quick game and the first act can be beaten in no time at all, which is good news for you penny pinchers. I ignored the constant, yet hilarious requests to purchase the in-game save option for $2.99. It’s pretty funny to see how deep the developers were willing to go to make me feel guilty for not buying the save option feature. For those of you who are confused as to why you have to buy the save option feature, let me break it down for you. Peter Panic doesn’t really have micro-transactions. The game is technically free-to-play, but there is a small catch. If you exit the game at any given time, you will not be able to save your progress and will be forced to start over. Before you go screaming that this is unfair, I need you to bear in mind that Peter Panic is a very short game and the save option is really unnecessary, unless you really hate replaying games over. I really don’t see the save option being a major feature until later acts of the game are released.

The Monkey Barrel

Overall, Peter Panic is a great game. Sure, the game is pretty short, but it packs a major Broadway punch that will have you coming back for more! I enjoyed Peter Panic and I believe you will too. I give Peter Panic (Act 1) a 9 out of 10.





-Too short.

Peter Panic will be available on iOS March 3rd!