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Posted 2016/01/13 by Jeff R. in Gaming


“Every now and then a game comes along that is completely original and nothing like any other game in the world.”

The above is a quote from me in a dimension where Pokemon never existed and Pocket Mortys became the biggest craze since Flibbity Doo Wop. In this dimension Pocket Mortys is the hilarious shadow of Nintendo’s biggest franchise, and I love every bit of it!

Pocket Mortys is without a doubt the best game out this year. I know this isn’t saying much considering we’re just about halfway through JANuary, but it’s a good thing to start the year off with an addicting game!


Pocket Mortys is a hilarious spin on the Pokemon series and contains enough content to keep the average gamer content for a long time. Pocket Mortys appears to generate levels randomly to give players a sense of infinite realities. The fact that I can’t recognize a dimension is a good sign that this game aims to keep things fresh long after players complete everything the game has to offer. The graphics look stellar and better than any basic Pokemon game you may have played; I also really dig the chiptune versions of the Rick and Morty Theme, Goodbye Moonmen, Get Schwifty, and Do You Feel It laced throughout the entire game. I also feel it is necessary to mention how impressed I am with whoever came up with this concept. Pocket Mortys feels like something that would happen in the Rick and Morty universe and the entire concept of battling different Mortys feels authentic.

Infinite timelines; infinite possibilites.


Pocket Mortys isn’t really unique when it comes to traditional RPG battle gameplay. Mortys duke it out in a similar fashion to Pokemon, and each Morty’s attack looks pretty much the same in every battle. Pocket Mortys literally uses a Rock-Paper-Scissors battle system which also mirrors the Elemenatal Rock-Paper-Scissors system presented in various RPG games like Pokemon. Even though the battle system is familiar, battles in general are not a cake walk. The fact that you can’t head to a healing station after a battle to conserve important status items adds a bit of a challenge in early stages of the game. If you do black out then it’s ok; a familiar face will be there to rescue you after you cry out in great pain.

Wubba lubba dub dub

Bird Person Pocket Mortys

The healing center is located in the Citadel of Ricks along with some other interesting structures. The citadel also contains a Morty Day Care center that takes care of all the extra Mortys you catch, a crafting kiosk that allows you to craft useful items for battles and quests, and a Salesman Rick’s Store that carries items you can purchase with the Schmeckles you win from battles. You will also notice a Blips and Chitz machine that can be accessed using special in game tickets. We originally reported that the game was free to play, but you can buy tickets to win special items and a random Morty. Blips and Chitz coupons can also be earned during special battles and from random loot boxes in different dimensions.

Dandy Rick

Battling Ricks and earning badges is the main objective of the game. If you win enough badges you will be able to battle a member of the Council of Ricks. There are a lot of different Ricks to battle and the further you progress in each dimension; the harder each Rick becomes.

Capturing Mortys is another challenging objective that can be easily simplified by using the Blips and Chitz machine. There are a grand total of 82 Mortys in the game and capturing them all takes a bit of time and patience. Each Morty has it’s own bio and I encourage you to check out all of them over at my Ultimate Pocket Mortys Guide! Mortys don’t evolve by leveling up like in Pokemon, but combining two Mortys at the Morty Day Care will cause a Morty to physically change.

One of the best things about the gameplay are the random interactions you experience with all the different Ricks and quirky things you happen to stumble upon while traversing through each dimension. It’s running into things like this that really make me smile.

IMG_0112 IMG_0114

The Monkey Barrel

Pocket Mortys is a fantastic game. Yes, the game is practically a parody of Pokemon, but the fact that it’s highly entertaining and enjoyable in it’s own light is impressive. Pocket Mortys stands out as one of the best mobile titles you will ever play and you do not have to pay one cent to enjoy it. Gamers get a free game based off of the wittiest characters in animated television and that is fucking awesome! My only hope is that this game will continue to grow into something bigger in the future. I would love nothing better than to see Pocket Mortys pushed even further and possibly end up on consoles. I give Pocket Mortys 10 out of 10 Grapples!



+Captures the essence of the show

+Contains enough content to keep you busy for a long time


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