Pocket Mortys Update Coming Soon

Pocket Mortys Update

Still out there trying to catch all them Mortys? We know you are!

Pocket Mortys is without a doubt the latest craze in mobile gaming. The game was in such high demand that even our site crashed for a few days due to the insane amount of people trying to access our Pocket Mortys guide!

With every great game comes minor issues. The good folks handling Pocket Mortys have been working hard to provide updates for the game, and here’s what we are expecting to be included in future updates.

Other than random patches for certain mobile devices, that’s all we could find for now. The first big update is expected to hit sometime in February and you can bet your ass we will let you know when it hits and what it contains.

Stay tuned to Junkie Monkeys for more Pocket Mortys!

*Evil Rabbit Morty Artist Credit – PKBunny*