Pokémon Bank Now Compatible With Sun & Moon

Gotta transfer em’ all! Pokémon Bank has finally become compatible with Sun and Moon via update, making players able to transfer Pokémon from previous games into the latest games. Nintendo is also giving out a special gift for transferring the old Pokémon into new Pokémon.

Any Pokémon from X, Y, Omega Ruby, and Alpha Sapphire can be deposited into the cloud storage based Pokémon Bank program on the 3DS. From there, the Pokémon can now be sent to Sun and Moon. Also added is the ability is to directly send Pokémon from the 3DS versions of Red, Blue, and Yellow into Sun and Moon by using the Poké Transporter program.

After transferring old Pokémon into Sun and Moon, you will receive a special Mew Z-Crystal. However, only certain versions of Mew itself can be sent to Sun and Moon. Any Mew caught in Gen 1 games through the famous Long-Range Trainer glitch cannot be transferred into Sun and Moon. The 20th anniversary event Mew that was released in Gen 6 games last year can be transferred into Sun and Moon.

A cool thing about transferring Gen 1 Pokémon is that they will automatically have their hidden ability once it’s sent to Sun and Moon. Its nature is randomized however. Abilities and natures are not present in the original Pokémon games as both features were introduced in Gen 3.