Possible Heavenly Sword Sequel, Surprising Movie Twist, and More Revealed in Blockade Ent. Interview

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We recently spoke with Brad Foxhoven over at Blockade Entertainment about the Heavenly Sword movie. Brad has shared some exciting details on the prospect of another Heavenly Sword game, future movies, and a surprising twist! Check out our full interview right now!


Hello and welcome to Junkie Monkey’s interview with Brad Foxhoven the CEO of Blockade Entertainment, and a producer on the films.

JM: When did Blockade Ent. first start working on the Heavenly Sword movie?

Brad: “We started over 4 years ago. It took us a while to get it done after some crazy curveballs in the production, but we are proud to have completed it.”

JM: How many of the original voice actors were you able to get to return for the movie?

Brad: “Only Anna Torv returns. We were hoping for Andy, but he had a conflict in his schedule.”

JM: Have any of the original composers or writers from Ninja Theory given any creative input on the movie?

Brad: “Ninja Theory was involved in the very beginning. They were helpful in getting us the game assets, music, etc. Jon Ashley helped us on story, and we were thrilled to have his input.”

JM: Are there going to be some changes that do not follow the original story?

Brad: “Yes – a pretty big one. Sony allowed us to include a twist where there is an actual “chosen one”. In the game, he does not exist, but in the film we created one to give more drama to the overall story. It also helped drive Nariko to find him.”

JM: Can we expect a theatrical release?

Brad: “We hope so – we saw it on the big screen ourselves at the American Film Market this past month. We were stunned how well it held up on the big screen.”

JM: What’s one impression or word you want the audience to take away after seeing Nariko’s character unfold on the big screen?

Brad: “One word? Finally. lol…”

JM: How did Sony approach you about the project? The Heavenly Sword series seemed shelved for a while, is Sony possibly interested in a revival of the series and using the film as a way to intrigue a wider audience?

Brad: “We actually approached them, and they were willing to give us a chance. They knew it would be low budget and with a small team – but in the end they were impressed with the results. There has been some talk about another game, which we can only hope happens!”

JM: Blockade is currently producing the Ratchet and Clank movie as well. With two animated exclusive features in the works, are there any other video games that you are interested in turning into an animated film?

Brad: “The list is long. We are huge fans of the worlds these game developers are creating. The characters, the action, and the fun – so many of them would make great films. And do I dare say we are announcing another one within the next few weeks???”

JM: Do you think Blockade will set a positive trend for future video game movie adaptations, considering most movies based off of video games tend to not live up to expectations?

Brad: “I sure hope so. Heavenly Sword was a labor of love, so it wont represent the level of quality we will be hitting going forward. Ratchet and Clank is a better representation of that. We can only hope we do as well as Marvel has done with their comic book adaptations.”

JM: What inspired you to create films based off of some of PlayStation’s mascots?

Brad: “Again, just a fan really. We would rather work on something we truly enjoy and appreciate. Spending up to two years (or more!) of your life working on something needs to be worth it, or why bother? We were all just surprised it hadn’t happened sooner. And based on the fan reactions, we aren’t alone!!!”

There you have it folks, we would like to thank Brad Foxhoven for letting us pick his brain, and we hope you’ve enjoyed our interview. Stay tuned to Junkie Monkeys for more updates and interviews and make sure to catch Blockade’s Heavenly Sword when it releases next year.

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