PS4 Pro Support Coming to Rocket League Later this Month

Among other great titles like inFAMOUS: Second Son, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, and more – Rocket League is next in line to be supported by the PS4 Pro. The update will arrive later this month, and will update both the standard PlayStation 4 console and the PS4 Pro. Rocket League will be up-scaled to 1o80p resolution on the standard PlayStation 4, while the PS4 Pro will allow Rocket League to run at 60 frames at 4K resolution. This update will also allow 60 frames in split screen mode as well. Aside from the visual updates, the patch will fix various bug issues, and make technical improvements to the game specifically for the PlayStation platform. Since the PlayStation 4 Pro’s release during the third quarter of of 2016, Sony has been dedicated to updating some of the PlayStation 4’s greatest titles in it’s library. Rocket League is great addition to that list.

Expect Rocket League’s upcoming update to hit on February 21st. Stay tuned to Junkie Monkeys for future updates regarding Rocket League. Cheers!

[Source: PlayStation Blog]