Remedy’s Holiday Greeting Easter Egg Short Teases at Alan Wake’s Future

Remedy's Holiday Greeting Easter Egg Short Teases at Alan Wake's Future

Sam Lake is looking to bring Christmas cheer with this blatant Easter egg. The team at Remedy Entertainment has been quietly working on the next fresh Xbox IP, Quantum Break,¬†for some time now. Besides the gameplay that premiered during Microsoft‘s Gamescom¬†press conference last year for the first time, and earlier this year, minuscule details have been revealed about the literal breath-taking exclusive. Although it seems that the team have been missing in action from the rest of the world, Sam Lake, Creative Director of Remedy Entertainment, has taken a short time off to express his festive side during this holiday season. The director confirms that the video is indeed a live action Easter egg for Quantum Break, and that he is undoubtedly looking for a “missing writer”. Alan Wake’s likeness, Ilkka Villi, then accompanies Sam Lake (or special agent Alex Gazzi) to wish their fans a happy holiday. Check out the short clip below.


Alan Wake released back in 2010, and while it didn’t sell commercially well, it has been received mostly positive feedback from critics. It was praised for it’s engaging story, and compelling, cliffhanger, episodic narration. The game has also created a cult following of supporters that have been requesting a sequel since the first installment. Hell, I’m one of them! Sam Lake has stated that the famous writer could make a comeback to the Xbox platform. It all depends on the success of Quantum Break. Remedy Entertainment could be cooking up something quietly for the fans. Only time will tell if the writer from Bright Falls will return.

Meanwhile, our writers are going to stay dedicated to reporting all news regarding Quantum Break, Alan Wake, and Remedy Entertainment. All we ask is that you deposit all your bananas, and stay tuned with Junkie Monkeys.