Rick And Morty: “Lawnmower Dog” Episode Review

In this weeks episode of Rick And Morty, the dynamic duo dive into the world of Inception. There are dreams within dreams, and it just keeps getting weirder and weirder. Also there are intellectual dogs roaming around. So yeah, it’s pretty sweet.

The episode starts off by introducing the plot. Morty isn’t getting a good grade in math so he asks his grandpa Rick to help him change that. As simple as that sounds, things get out of hand really fast and Rick and Morty need to figure out a way to get out of the many dreams. Rick and Morty isn’t the show it is without a little sexual innuendo though. So if you don’t mind a couple fetish parties, you’ll be just fine.

At the same time, Morty’s dad had asked for a smarter dog and got one thanks to Rick. If it’s something the family should know by now, is to NOT trust Rick. Some things get out of hand and judgement days are had. It’s not until Rick and Morty come back from their adventure that chaos has already ensued and dogs are busy playing cards in mech suits. As smart as the dogs get they never lose their traits on what truly make them dogs (i.e. pet names, needing leashes, etc.).

Along with everything I’ve talked about, there are subtle nudges at stereotypical tv shows, familiar horror villains, and so much more squeezed into one excellent 22 minute episode. The writing for this episode is clever and hilarious as expected. “Lawnmower Dog” is also a welcome surprise when compared to the pilot. If episodes like this continue, folks can expect several more episodes in the future. This monkey gives “Lawnmower Dog” 10 out of 10 bananas! Stay tuned to JunkieMonkeys for more Rick And Morty episode reviews and more in the future!

From what I can tell, most of Rick and Morty Season 1 will be uploaded on YouTube. So if haven’t caught up or checked out the show yet, I strongly recommend you give it a shot. Episode 2, “Lawnmower Dog” is below.

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