Rick and Morty “Rick Potion #9” Episode Review

Rick and Morty "Rick Potion #9" Episode Review Rick and Morty "Rick Potion #9" Episode Review

After watching the “Rick Potion #9” episode I realized something. Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland have no plans of stopping Rick and Morty’s consistent shock value. Just look at Morty’s face! The kid just wanted some lovin’ and instead he got the worst day of his life!

My body wasn’t ready for the latest Rick and Morty episode, “Rick Potion #9“. Not that I had the flu or anything (jokes) but I wasn’t expecting the show to escalate as quickly as it did. As expected, Morty wants the popular girl in his class, Jessica. A school dance is coming up and Morty needs a little help from his grandpa, Rick. That’s not the best course of action though as you can probably tell.

It’s not too far into the episode that things go downhill. Like a airborne flu, an epidemic can spread everywhere. I mean, freaking everywhere! I honestly can’t go into depth with the episode without spoiling a lot. What I will say is that Jerry is still a paranoid numbskull and Rick should never be trusted.

I didn’t think the show could get any darker until “Rick Potion #9” aired. That said, there are still plenty of jokes thrown in as usual, but in a darker tone than in previous episodes. This has to be my second favorite episode next to “Anatomy Park” to be honest.

We look forward to seeing more exciting and entertaining¬†Rick and Morty episodes in the future! We also hope that you’re all enjoying the show as much as we are. Make sure to stay tuned to JM for more Rick and Morty episode reviews!