Rocko’s Modern Life Movie Update

Posted 2017/06/21 by Jeff R. in Film

It’s been a while since we brought to light that a Rocko’s Modern Life movie is currently in production. Voice actor for Rocko, Carlos Alazraqui, recently revealed a sneak peek at the upcoming movie.


A few days ago a major update on the Rocko’s Modern Life movie was revealed. Take a look at the official tweet below.

This is pretty exciting news considering we haven’t seen or heard many updates since the movie was officially revealed. I’m sure with SDCC coming up, we will probably see something major involving the Rocko’s Modern Life movie as well as other Nickelodeon related films; like the Hey Arnold: Jungle Movie, or Invader Zim movie.

Stay tuned to Junkie Monkeys for more Rocko’s Modern Life updates.

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