(UPDATED) Rockstar Announces V-Day Update, New DLC, “Ornate Bank Heist” Beta Gameplay Leaks

Posted 2014/02/11 by Andrew Arellano in Gaming


Update: The video below is real, very much so. I played it last night for myself, as did many others, and while there is no longer a way to play it, I can confirm that it is indeed a beta version of a Heist. The iteration certain players had access to was developed before GTA: O was released. The only way to play it was through the use of a DNS server, which has since been taken down. The personal responsible for making this available stated that it “has nothing to do with Rockstar” and he does it all for fun and wants others to play the content. So for those who were disappointed with the Ornate Bank Heist, just know that it may be a drop in the ocean compared to what we’ll actually see, whenever Rockstar decides to actually release them.


Original story:

Hey folks it’s February 11th! What’s so special about February 11th, you ask? February 11th is a Tuesday. What’s so special about Tuesday? Well, Tuesday is when Rockstar likes to make “important” posts on the Newswire and boy are those rare nowadays.

But wait, there’s more. Something else happened on this Tuesday, February 11th. I baked a cake! The universally loved/hated (depending on how much you love Rockstar) Trevcraft, decided to give the community something it’s actually wanted to see since October. Not a retro car, a retro weapon, or retro clothes. Gameplay. DLC Gameplay. Let’s get to the official stuff first, shall we?

Rockstar, in keeping up with their newly employed tradition of holiday themed updates, has announced The Valentine’s Day Massacre Special. Which is a pretty lovely name for a DLC pack if you ask me. Taking you back to the 1920s and making players forget what Mafia II is, the V-Day content update will hook players up with a new weapon, a new vehicle that supports ROTSLAB (riding on the side like a boss, duh), quite a handful of new clothing options and 10 new jobs you probably won’t play because everyone is too busy boosting in Capture matches. Get the full rundown right here.

Not content with posting on the Newswire without dangling a juicy bone, which I can only imagine tastes like bacon, they ended the post with this little tidbit.

Everything in the Valentine’s Day Massacre Special will be available for a limited time starting this Friday, but once acquired you will be able to keep them in your inventory for good. We will also have more information soon for other forthcoming GTA Online content updates including the Dangerous Business Pack, Online Heists, an expansion to the Creator tool and lots more.

The Dangerous Business Pack, which was completely unheard of until now, will release in 2017 alongside Online Heists.

All jokes aside, this will most likely provide Online players with the ability to purchase businesses through Martin Madrazo, as leaked audio files from last year would lead you to believe. The “expansion” to the Creator will hopefully be the Mission Creator, something players have been asking for since launch, and was recently leaked in a series of images and videos from Tustin and funmw2.

As for Online Heists, here’s something for the ravenous GTAO fanbase to munch on. Trevcraft, who played quite a huge part in the whole DNS/Moneyocalpyse fiasco, has posted the first glimpse of Heists since the GTAO launch trailer. I cannot confirm the legitimacy of this footage, as I don’t use DNS servers and I obviously haven’t played it myself. Taken at face value, this seems pretty solid. The only other possibility is that this was created with the leaked Mission Creator, but as far as the public knows, no one has had any success actually playing a job created with it.

(Video no longer available)
Stay tuned for any updates on the upcoming event and info on Heists.