Rockstar Hints at GTA V PC Release?

Posted 2013/12/07 by Andrew Arellano in Gaming

Rockstar is pretty much infamous at this point for the silence when asked about…well, anything. A next-gen/PC version of GTA is no exception, and up until today they’ve basically been telling everyone that they don’t have anything to announce or any info to share.

Maybe that’s changed. Now, take this with a grain of salt, as this may be the result of automated-replies to fans on twitter, but I don’t think this has happened before.


As a reference, here’s the same response offered when someone asked about Heists in GTAO

So there you go, while it could be a slip-up, it’s a slip-up that has yet to be corrected. But at this point, a PC release of the game wouldn’t be surprising, but it’s kind of hard to tell when it comes to Rockstar.


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