Rockstar Reveals GTA Online Spring Updates, Includes Heists

Posted 2014/04/02 by Andrew Arellano in Gaming

Don’t get too excited, as this is just an announcement of an announcement, which the games industry is becoming notorious for, but at least we know what’s coming and when…kind of.

While all of the usual updates, especially the important ones such as this, are usually posted on a Tuesday, I guess Rockstar was a little too busy telling us about the new soundtrack updates to fit this one in on time. Anyways, for you folks who are still playing GTAO, or decided to return only to check out the heists, then here’s all the information you’ll need.

Still no release date for anything.
Still no details on Heists.

– Love, Rockstar.

Seriously, I’m kidding. Although I am kidding seriously.


Capture Creator: Coming next week, the Creator community will be able to make their own original customized Capture Jobs and add to the over 3.5 million (and counting) player-created Deathmatches and Races currently available on Social Club. Strategically place pick-ups, define weaponry, set location, and tweak tons of other variables to make your own unique Capture Job for others to take on. We will also be reviewing your homemade Capture creations to stamp standout experiences as Rockstar Verified.

The High Life Update: The High Life Update will allow you to expand your foothold in Los Santos with new high-end apartment options, the powerful Bullpup Rifle, new wardrobe items, the Dinka Thrust motorcycle and three new lavish cars to choose from, including the Super class Pegassi Zentorno. The High Life Update will also feature the debut of multi-property ownership in GTA Online, which means you’ll be able to own two distinct properties (with garages) simultaneously. All this plus the new Mental State player statistic, which is designed to let you see just how passive or psychotically unhinged fellow players in your session really are, and a slew of new Jobs.

Heists: Coming this spring to Grand Theft Auto Online, team up with your most trusted Crew members or with random other mercenaries in Grand Theft Auto Online to pull off cooperative Heist Missions for glory and profit. We know many in the GTA Online community have been looking forward to this update — stay tuned for much more information to come.”


Expect a new update to the Content Creator for a mode no one plays, new jobs, a new weapon, new vehicles and wardrobe items. Personally the most interesting addition for me is being able to own more than one apartment, and having new apartments that don’t all look the same.  It looks like Heists are coming decidedly last, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they are only released alongside the story mode DLC.

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