Sakura-con 2015: Passionate Interview with Vic Mignogna


During the weekend of Sakura-con 2015, I had the pleasure of sitting down and interviewing the renowned actor, Vic Mignogna.

Vic Mignogna, widely known for lending his voice in numerous anime projects, such as the boisterous Edward Elric from Full Metal Alchemist (2003) and Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood (2010) , and various films that expands the series’ universe. The past weekend at Sakura-con, I had the pleasure of interviewing the prolific voice actor that we know in so many anime.



There’s no way that anyone can question his love for what he does, the passion he displays in the interview is certainly a testament to it.

Vic was a very inspiring and moving person to interview — If there’s anything I learned from interviewing Mignogna, it’s that we all have to be more accepting of one another.

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