Salt and Sanctuary Review



An inspired game influenced by the Soul series as well as Castlevania, Salt and Sanctuary by Ska Studios is a great addition to the growing Playstation Library.


You begin the game as a sailor on a ship carrying the princess that will end the turmoil between warring parties.  You immediately have to deal with kidnappers trying to steal and ransom the princess, but end up getting shipwrecked by a mysterious monster onto a strange island. As you wash up on shore, you meet up with a stranger that gives you a snippet of information and thus beginning your journey.





The game looks and sounds glorious in its dark and beautiful levels. Presented with a variety of enemies ranging in difficulty and attacks, what this team at Ska Studios accomplished was a beautiful piece of art in this 2D action RPG. The artwork and animations in the game are greatly stylized. Items such as armor, weapons and other accessories have their own unique look with each having their own distinguished back-story.

There is plenty to be uncovered about the world through item descriptions, leaving the player to interpret. The world is massive with much to explore. Unlock access to underground dungeons, sky castles and more, but it won’t be easy. And as you uncover NPCs within this vast world, you will gather tidbits of information on why they’re there, while branding you with special abilities for your journey.

Be warned as you venture the land as you may encounter a boss fight unexpectedly. These are fun and challenging that may present a problem to some players. While each boss varies in difficulty, it’s up to the player to figure out the best strategy to combat the enemy.


Salt and Sanctuary plays like Castlevania, but with Dark Soul elements and features side scrolling action. Players will surely notice the health and stamina bars as the game begins and will have to adapt to spacing their attacks as they cannot continuously attack without getting fatigued.

The combat and controls for the game feel great. There is nothing complicated about the game until you get into the skill tree. The skill tree is enormous with plenty to unlock to suit the player’s play style. But be warned, players unfamiliar with this may get confused as there are no tutorials to guide you. Basically, you’re thrown into the world and you have to figure it out.

salt skills

As players explore and defeat enemies, enemies will drop salt and gold. Salt is the currency, like souls in the Soul series, which enable players to level up their character and upgrade weapons and armor. While gold is used to purchase useful items, weapons, and armor to help them traverse the island.

Sanctuaries throughout the island play an important role as they act as safe havens just like bonfires from Dark Souls. This is where players can devote themselves to a certain creed and upgrade their sanctuary with certain stones that enable merchants, blacksmiths and other useful NPCs to be used.

Additional modes are offered to the players such as multiplayer (co-op and PvP) and challenge modes. The Multiplayer aspect of the game gives the player the ability to summon a friend via couch co-op or battle other players and battle one-on-one. While challenge modes give players variety on how to play the game such as no healing, magic only, hardcore mode and many more. These challenge modes also increase the replay value in the game.


Monkey Barrel:

This game is a must own for those that welcome or love a challenge. Salt and Sanctuary is a rewarding game that will give you countless hours of play. Ska Studios has created a beautiful game that all Playstation owners should try.



+Fantastic art

+Plenty of replay value


-No Tutorial of certain aspects of the game

The game is out now on the Playstation 4 and will release on the Playstation Vita and on Steam.

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