Single-Player Revealed for RIGS Mechanized Combat

Posted 2016/08/31 by Alex Nuss in Gaming


So far we’ve known RIGS Mechanized Combat as a 3v3 multiplayer game. Today, Guerrilla Cambridge announced their career mode for the game.

RIGS Mechanized Combat League – More than a multiplayer

In Career Mode, you play alongside 2 AI teammates against other teams to gain fame and fortune. Anything you unlock in the multiplayer is accessible in the single-player, and vice-versa.

In addition to this Career Mode, there is a new 1v1 online mode. You play alongside 2 AI against another person also with 2 AI.

What do you think of these new modes? Let me know down below, and be sure to stay tuned with Junkie Monkeys for all the latest gaming news!

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