Sit Down Microsoft, Sony’s Won This E3


Shots were fired this year at Sony’s E3 presentation. Just when you thought Sony’s mag ran out of ammo, they came out with the big guns and blew everyone away. Not only was the console revealed, but so was the price, and several questions were answered that seemed to have been directed towards Microsoft. Sony just won over several gamers who were unsure of their future next-gen purchase.

Let’s wrap up Sony’s PlayStation conference in a nutshell. A legacy of PlayStation gaming generations wrapped in a montage led up to the reveal of the PlayStation 4 console. Priced at $399 the PS4 will be coming this holiday season and is now available for preorder. Why should you preorder just yet though?

Well, during the conference Sony brought out their big guns and revealed the following:
– You can play games offline (meaning you don’t need an internet connection).
– The PS4 does allow players to play used games.
– The PS4 also does not need you to check in every 24 hours.

Along with several new titles from returning franchises, sony revealed new IP’s, Indie titles, and new forms of media. Sony swept the show floor with Microsofts tear hankeys. What Microsoft showed wasn’t something gamers were looking forward to. Sony came through with hit after hit. Not only did Sony salt the wound, but to add insult to injury they even made a simple video and managed to pour lemon inside creating an even deeper wound.

Pow, right in the kissah,
Pow, right in the kissah,
Pow, right in the kissah.