Six Years Later; Noby Noby Boy Finally Comes Full Circle

Noby Noby Boy complete 2015

Damn it’s been six years since I last played Noby Noby Boy! I remember this game for it’s weirdness, but I never saw this game ever reaching it’s ultimate ending.

Noby Noby Boy is basically a game about this little worm creature that eats random things, poops them out, and stretches as much as it can. The goal is to stretch the character BOY out as far as it can.

The overall goal of the game was to get the community to contribute their stretching points to GIRL in order for her to stretch all the way around the solar system. I don’t know how long the Katamari Damacy developer thought it would take for Noby Noby Boy to reach it’s epic conclusion, but six years isn’t so bad for a game that is generally boring.

Check out the epic conclusion of Noby Noby Boy below!

You have got to love that heartfelt letter towards the end.
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