Skullgirls Returns to Consoles as Skullgirls Encore; Adds Free DLC and More

Posted 2014/02/08 by Andrew Arellano in Gaming


Good news fighting game junkies, fan-favorite female fighter (geez) Skullgirls makes it way back into your living rooms, reborn as Skullgirls Encore. This comes as a huge sigh of relief after all of the drama with former publisher Konami and Autumn Games. After finding a new home with Marvelous AQL and Cyberfront, Lab Zero games is now be able to provide console gamers with the fully up-to-date build of Skullgirls, which is currently only available on PC. There’s tons of gameplay updates, a DLC character which will be free for 3 months, game modes, connectivity fixes and more. Encore will be provided to owners of the original at no extra charge.

All of this was made possible due to the Indiegogo campaign raising nearly $830,000 of its original $150,000 goal.

A Lab Zero developer also revealed that while publishing fees no longer exist on Sony’s side of gaming platforms, this does not hold true for Xbox 360 and game/patch testing. He states that “The Squigly patch cost us between $20-30k to test on consoles.”, and when asked why not go with community testing, he asserts that it is allowed, but testing needs to be done on debug/dev kits and that would be even more expensive. He also reveals that testers for the respective platforms are more proficient than Konami, who “screwed them over big time” with testing for the original Skullgirls.

Skullgirls Encore launches on Feb. 11 in NA on PSN. International and Xbox 360 dates have yet to be revealed.

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