Sony Trademarks “Lets Play” Slogan

Sony Trademarks "Lets Play" Slogan

Besides the PlayStation 4‘s impressive numbers, the system has been known to birth some catchy slogans that fans of the brand have grown to know and love. Just to name a few – “This is for the players“, “See the future“, and of course, the illustrious “Greatness Awaits“. These slogans have helped push the message that Sony has been conveying throughout the generation. National trademark website Justia may have just spilled the beans on their next great slogan to come. “Lets Play” has just been registered by Sony Computer Entertainment America. The official trademark registration is below.

Sony Trademarks "Lets Play" Slogan Sony Trademarks "Lets Play" Slogan

Lets play is simplistic, but straight to the point. It’s surprising that no one else jumped on this. To be honest, with all the slogans that have birthed from the PlayStation 4 this generation, it seems only right for Sony to have it.  I can assure you that we’ll be seeing a PlayStation 4 ad with the slogan Lets Play really soon. You can bet on it.

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