Soul Sacrifice SE++ Farming Guide

Posted 2013/05/14 by Jeff R. in Gaming
Soul Sacrifice is a tough game, but certain sigils will make tough bosses easier to beat. Check out this informative farming guide to help get you where you need to be.

Soul Sacrifice has a couple of awesome sigils that are very hard to get. Sigils unlock after you gather a certain amount of Soul Essence or Life Essence from a certain boss. One popular sigil a lot of people go for is the Slayer Sigil V. This sigil increases attack +60% and +30%, but it requires you to gain some very rare Soul Essences. In order to unlock the Slayer Sigil V players must obtain the Leviathan SE++ and Hydra SE++ 3 times. This can become a very tedious task to complete unless you go into each battle equipped with the proper sigils.

Today I am going to teach you about the Pillager Sigil and the Devil's Feast Sigil III. The Pillager Sigil is fairly simple to get and is not hard to obtain. All you have to do is save Sortiara and kill her once in order to unlock the Pillager Sigil. The Pillager Sigil will increase the drop rate of SE+ and SE++ slightly when it's equipped to your arm.

Devil's Feast Sigil III is an even better sigil, but it's a little more trickier to obtain. You should be able to gain it with ease using this guide. First off there is a bit of confusion going on with the Great Seer SE+. A lot of people don't realize how they even get this soul essence in the first place. To clear this little problem up, the Great Seer SE+ will unlock when you sacrifice Magusar. Magusar will usually drop the Great Sorcerer SE when he's sacrificed so I can see where the confusion comes from.

Now the main problem with gaining the Great Seer SE+ is it has to be done 3 times. You can only get it by sacrificing Magusar 3 times and praying that it drops. I have come up with a quick and easier way to farm Magusar and it is extremely effective when farming for Devil's Feast Sigil III. First thing you need to do is equip the Pillager Sigil. This will increase the drop rate when you sacrifice Magusar. Next you are going to want to play Desert Hydration in chapter VIII offline. You will be facing the Hydra so make sure you equip strong heat weapons as well as a venom amulet. You will then be prompted to select your allies. This is when you select Magusar and the farming begins.

Once you enter the battle equip the venom amulet and run towards the Hydra. Magusar will run towards the Hydra and all you have to do is wait for the Hydra to start it's spin attack and hit Magusar. This will usually kill Magusar so then you can go and sacrifice him. Pay attention to see if you get the Great Seer SE+. If you were unsuccessful, press select and exit the game immediately. You do not have to complete the level to farm for the Great Seer SE+ successfully. The only time you need to beat the level is if you happen to obtain the Great Seer SE+. Just keep repeating this process until you get Great Seer SE+ 3 times.

Now that the hard part is out the way, next you are going to want to farm 5 Soul Shard++. A good spot to get these shards quickly is Sweeping the Valley in chapter VI. Keep playing this level until you gather 5 Soul Shard++.

Lastly you need to play Ruinous Beast Hunt in chapter X. Make sure to equip volt attacks and beat the Leviathan at least 3 times. You will more than likely get Leviathan SE each time, but if you get SE+ or SE++ you should consider yourself lucky because you'll be one step closer to stronger sigils. Once you kill the Leviathan 3 times you should unlock Devil's Feast Sigil III. Devil's Feast Sigil III will now increase the drop rate for SE+ and SE++ significantly as well as replenish your health a great deal when you sacrifice an enemy. You are now on your way to unlock bigger and better sigils much faster.

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