Space Dandy: “A Merry Companion Is a Wagon in Space, Baby” Episode Review


Grab your tissues guys because Space Dandy is giving you a “Feels Trip” with this next episode! How so, you ask? You’ll have to click the review to find out! Check it out now!


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After capturing a special kind of Gentooan alien, who looks like any other little girl, Dandy goes on foot to the alien registration center to bail out the Aloha Oe after being towed. Adélie is her name and she offers Dandy a deal that if he takes her to a specific address along the way then she’ll be willing to go to the registration center and he accepts her offer. With all the time the have between now and until the get to their destination, Dandy and Adélie spend father and daughter like time together and gives off really sweet vibes that can make a person’s heart melt.


Once they arrive to Adélie’s desired address, she tells Dandy that she’s looking for her grandfather who’s probably the only family she has left. She knocks on the door only to be greeted by a young drunk woman to tell her that who she’s looking for isn’t there. It isn’t until after Adélie runs away that the woman realizes and says that her grandfather was the one living there before her. Dandy tires to comfort her by saying he might have moved somewhere else, keeping her spirits up.


They check into a hotel and Dandy gets ready for a night out at Boobies, leaving Adélie all alone and upsetting her. Making her believe that adults are all the same once again. Surprisingly, instead of going to Boobies like he said Dandy goes on a search hunt for her grandfather, gathering clues from whatever he can dig up. He returns to the hotel room the next morning and announces a trip to the train station.


Once there he asks if she wants a last souvenir, making her to believe Dandy is going to ditch her. She uses her tentacles to knock him out and Dandy soon takes control over her puppet. After tossing it she goes into a dark corner and begins to cry. Two hunters approach her talking about getting revenge and kidnap her.


Dandy, in puppet form, goes after them and does a leap of faith off a balcony and attempts to fly to her rescue. He reaches the train but he regains consciousness and is back in his own body. When all hope seems lost and strange old man walks in from another train and knocks out one of the hunters with his tentacles. Adélie notices that he’s another Gentooan, who turns out to be her grandfather. He explains to Adélie how Dandy went to all this trouble trying to find him just so she could be reunited with her grandfather. Before Dandy leaves her for good Adélie asks to join his crew on the Aloha Oe but rejects her but promises that when she grows up into a big chested, beautiful woman she’s more than welcome to join. Adélie now makes it her goal to one day grow up so she can hunt him instead.


What can I say about this episode other than DEM FEELS! This by far has to be my favorite Space Dandy episode to date simply because they went a different direction with the story and it was a damn good idea. Dandy has literally won me over like it did in the first episode. I get that it didn’t quite go further with the story as a whole but I’m happy that there wasn’t a useless plot or the same failed attempts to capture Dandy from Dr. Gel and actually went somewhere, and somewhere great! This really goes to show that Space Dandy has so much potential to be an amazing anime (don’t get me wrong because it already is) but it can get even better than this episode. We’ll just have to wait and see what’s in store for us all with its remaining episodes.  Not to mention this episode took you on a feels trip like no other and brought out the kind and sweet side of Dandy while still keeping the shows hilarious tone and showing us that he’s willing to go the extra mile for someone other than himself…or boobies.


This monkey gives this episode a 10 out of 10 bananas! =D


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