Space Dandy: “The Lonely Pooch Planet, Baby” Episode Review

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The feels are strong with this one. It’s another episode that will show no mercy when pulling on your heart strings guys. So sit back and get ready for this review!


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Now I think I speak for everyone when I say that I loved the first half of the episode but everything after that just lost me. Let’s start with the first half. It was absolutely impressive and started out strong. I don’t believe I’ve seen a such a sweet bond created so fast and end so (and too) soon. The first half seriously almost brought me to tears. They killed off the lonely pooch almost as soon as the episode began for crying out loud! To top it off they even added a Cowboy Bebop reference in there with the blue parasite blob popping out of the fridge where the dog was hiding in.


Then comes the second half. The second part of the episode manages to link with the first half, but ultimately it was… really unexpected. It didn’t match with the beginning at all and was way too odd. I thought this episode was going to be another jaw dropper and mind blow but it just goes downhill by now. I just really wish the story had more to do with the dog than trying to escape from space alien fleas. If I could I’d give the first half a ten out of ten and the other half a five. Space Dandy has so much potential in it but my main issue with it is the possibility of being disappointed at the end of the series.


This monkey gives this episode and overall score of 8 out of 10 bananas! 


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