Sword Art Online Dub: “The End of the World” Episode Review


Here it is people. This intense episode wraps up the first part of Sword Art Online and it’s one you don’t want to miss out on: The end of the world of Sword Art. 

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In our last review we left off with the boss battle with “The Skull Reaper” of floor 75. After an epic battle, the bastard of a skull’s life bar reaches close enough to zero, giving everyone a chance to attack left and right and finally killing it. The players all take a well deserved rest and think that clearing the last 25 floors is damn near impossible if floor 75 is this difficult for a group like them. Kirito then notices how Heathcliff doesn’t look like he’s broken a sweat and his life bar is only  half way gone. He makes a quick sneak attack on him and reveals that Heathcliff isn’t an actual player, but a part of the game itself when his attack is rejected and says he’s an “Immortal Object” like it did with Yui. Then he realizes Heathcliff is not only messing with the games system, but it the games creator himself: Akihiko Kayaba. 


Since Kirito was the one to figure out his true identity, he gives him two choices that he can’t refuse. Kirito can either keep on struggling to clear the game or accept Kayaba’s challenge to a duel to the death and if Kirito wins the game is over and cleared and all the players will be logged off safely. Kirito feels like this is something he owes to everyone that has died in the game and says yes to this duel, but before it begins he requests Kayaba to make it impossible for Asuna to kill herself if he dies. Kayaba agrees and the duel begins.

asuna dies

Kirito pushes himself beyond his own limits and comes at Kayaba with everything that’s left of his will and strength in order to free everyone from this horrid death game, but it is to no avail and Kirito’s sword breaks and Kayaba has an opening to finish him. In the midst of his final blow, Asuna shockingly jumps before Kirito and takes the hit for him causing her life drop to zero and dies. Kirito grabs Asuna’s sword and still tries to fight Kayaba, but in an effortless motion of hopelessness and despair, as if there’s nothing left worth fighting for. Kayaba then stabs his sword straight through Kirito and waits till his life bar runs out but then remembers about Asuna one last time and defies the laws of the game and is still able to move. With one last bit of effort and hope he strikes Asuna’s blade through Kayaba and kills him. Kirito then disappears and what’s left of his life shards float across the land of Sword Art Online as the announcement that the game has been cleared echoes above them.

After dying, Kirito finds himself floating in the sky outside of Aincrad and sees Asuna there. Not only is she there but Akihiko Kayaba as well. Kirito asks him why did he create something like SAO. It seems like it all started when he was a kid with a dream who wanted to make it a reality but as he grew older it all went wrong. Kayaba then walks away and disappears, leaving Asuna and Kirito to say their final goodbyes. Before Sword Art Online is over they exchange their real names. Kirito tells her his is Kirigaya Kazuto and Asuna tells him hers… Asuna Yuuki. Kirito feels absolutely heartbroken afterwards and begins crying historically for not fulfilling his promise to return Asuna to the real world. They give each other a final embrace and disintegrate as the game finally ends.


The show doesn’t end there though. The setting changes to a hospital and turns out it’s Kirito finally waking up, as he should be happy he didn’t die he feels empty because he lost the one thing he found worth fighting for: Asuna. He takes off the NerveGear and his hair that’s been growing for over two years falls to his shoulders and get’s his weak fragile body out of the hospital bed saying to himself “Asuna” over and over again. Kirito walks out of the room and heads towards the exit to go look for Asuna and be reunited again.


This episode was probably one of the best one out of the series so far. It’s full of tons of surprises that you didn’t see coming and some that you knew something was wrong but couldn’t quite put your finger on it. There’s just two things I didn’t like about the show and one being that they would clear floor super fast. It’s only episode 14 and they’re already on floor 75? Holy fuck that was fast!! Second, I didn’t like how the show has a lot of moments when it just feels like pulling something out of its ass just to find a resolution and beat the boss, like when Kirito was supposed to die when his life bar reached its end but instead he was actually able to finish off Kayaba and THEN dies. Yes, the fact that he actually beat Sword Art Online is a good thing and that part was pretty damn epic, but regardless it was still pulling something out of nowhere, which is something that this show likes to do from time to time. Other than that, I absolutely loved it and really felt like Kirito’s crying at the end was realistic and didn’t sound like it was forced. Dubbing that part could have been such a disaster but it was pulled off just right and I couldn’t have asked for more.

This monkey gives this episode and dub 10 our of 10 bananas!!! (^u^)

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