Tearaway: The PS Vita’s Hero Has Arrived [Review]

Tearaway (1)

Everybody has a story to tell. The story may end the same but the way we tell the story may be different. That’s not what matters. All that matters is that YOU have a story to tell and Tearaway will help you tell it. From the creators of the amazing PlayStation 3 franchise, Little Big Planet, Media Molecule have decided to move Sackboy to the side and start a new story with a new hero, ” the messenger”. Tearaway is set to be the dominant platformer that not only dominates in the PlayStation Vita department, but in the platformer genre in general. So with that being said…did Tearaway deliver? Has Media Molecule created yet another amazing memorable title? Well, follow me as I educate you on my experience on the title known as Tearaway.

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“The Story”

Tearaway’s Story is all about the messenger and You (The face in the sun). You can choose between the male messenger Iota or the female messenger Aoti. You must help the messenger deliver his/her story to you (The player). That’s about as simple as it gets. No super ground-breaking story. No save the princess quest. No save the world missions. Just you, the messenger and your story to tell. The only flaw in this game is how short it is. You can probably finish this game in 4-5 hours. It sucks because an amazing platformer of this caliber should have way more replay value. I definitely wasn’t expecting an old school super Mario feel, but I think Media Molecule could have dug a little deeper and created some more beautiful and interesting worlds. Speaking of beautiful, lets talk visuals.

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“The Visuals”

At first glance you’re probably thinking “this game looks like poop”. What you have to understand is Media Molecule have once again done with they do best, and that my friends is bringing creativity to the table with a bang. Everything in Tearaway is made out of paper. It’s a paper world. The messenger has a paper body with an envelope head. The characters, the map design, everything. Media Molecule definitely never goes for the jaw dropping graphical games and that’s why it is not hard to appreciate what we know as Tearaway. Even in the Little Big Planet series it was never about how great the graphics looked. It was about creating something that was beautiful to the player that created it. Something that I also love about the paper made world is that it actually comes into to play with some of the gameplay mechanics.

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As I said, literally everything in Tearaway is made from paper. From the floor to the sky. To the weather climate, down to the customization of your messenger. Media Molecule have created a platform for you to create and run wild with paper. Customize your messenger and make him/her look goofy, scary, etc. Have fun!

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“The Gameplay”

There are two things that Media Molecule did a great job at while creating Tearaway. One is creating a very fun and addictive platformer. This game goes back to the roots of platformers by taking some elements from legendary platformers before it like Crash Bandicoot. Secondly, MM did a amazing job utilizing the PS Vita’s main features in the game.

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You’ll see motion, back-pad and touch screen functionality A lot in Tearaway. With that being said, Tearaway brings you a large variety of ways to play. All though most of the time you’ll be adventuring around in Tearaway searching for hidden presents, collecting things, fighting scraps (The enemy), you’ll also encounter a lot of interesting yet challenging puzzles. Some will be as simple as holding a button down while holding another button down to move across a platform. Others require you to use the main features of the PS Vita to get by the obstacle. Regardless of how simple or challenging these obstacles are, I NEVER GOT BORED WHILE PLAYING IT. I said earlier that the game can be finished in a short time span, but at the same time, Tearaway is so fun that’ll have you coming back for more and more and more. I believe that Media Molecule have created the game that some wanted Little Big Planet to be. An interesting story with a large amount of platforming gameplay, and a cute little hero. Little Big Planet did indeed deliver, but compared to Tearaway, its a very random yet fun experience. Media Molecule definitely showed the world that they can take matters into their own hands and create a story and a hero instead of leaving it up to the players.

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“The Controls”

The controls are exactly what you would expect from any platformer experience. Simple and easy to maneuver. Pretty much you can say this about any platformer because you never wanna take the players attention away with ridiculous control schemes.  Jump, roll, pick up enemies and throw them, the basics. As I said before, Tearaway uses the Vita’s features in a great way. The only issue with the controls are sometimes the back-pad may not recognize your finger on immediate contact. It rarely happens though, so its nothing that detours you from enjoying the game. All in all, the controls are pretty solid. Anybody can pick it up and play.

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“The Monkey Barrel”

Tearaway is the hero the PS Vita has been waiting for. We’ve seen lots of great titles for the PS Vita but nothing that stood out and took the spotlight. Tearaway combines great gameplay with a very colorful and visual world that surrounds it. It not only shines as a platformer on the Vita, but its shines as a platformer in general. I recommend this game to any and everybody. Children, Teenagers, adults, parents that have children, even the parent themselves for that matter. Media Molecule have once again delivered an amazing experience and I tip my hat to them. With that being said, on behalf of the Junkie Monkeys team, I give Tearaway 100 bananas out of 100! If you’re a PS Vita owner, you should own Tearaway. NO EXCUSES.


+Short addictive story that keeps you coming back for more

+Very creative visuals

+Raises the bar back up to what a platformer should be like

+Excellent controls mechanics

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