The Bloodborne Experience: Wonderful Glitchy Fun

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I played Bloodborne a total of five times at PAX Prime and the game is absolutely phenomenal, even with glitches. Bloodborne was definitely the best game in the PlayStation booth at this year’s PAX Prime. Tons of people lined up to play this brutal and unforgiving game and I was one of them.

My entire Bloodborne experience was with the standard character (Saw/Blunderbuss).

My Bloodborne experience was a rocky one at first. On my first try I attempted to fight a mob around a huge fire and wound up killing most of them only to be shot in the back after proceeding forward. I immediately tried again. During my second playthrough I explored around a little bit more and stumbled into this guy hidden behind a stagecoach near a closed gate on the opposite side from where the level started.

Brute Bloodborne

This armored brute (for lack of a better name) is similar to the other two brutes that can be found in this playable demo. The armored brute is probably the second or third hardest fight featured in this demo. Blunderbuss pellets did very little damage to this bad boy and his health would only slightly decrease with every attack. He’s one of those “fight at your own risk” challenges because he can easily be bypassed. I eventually beat him, but I wasted a number of valuable resources like blood vials, bullets, and molotov cocktails in the process. I would like to point out that I could have avoided wasting health resources if I simply took advantage of the health regain mechanic.

Even though I was pretty low on valuable items I did wind up making it to the Cleric Beast towards the end of the demo and after getting his health down to about 25% I wound up dying. A few things I noticed about the Cleric Beast during my first encounter with it is that it has health regeneration. The boss would occasional back up and a glowing red aura would begin to appear. This would have been the perfect opportunity for me to strike viciously if I were paying attention to the damn health meter! Fire items also seemed to do a significant amount of damage on the boss as well.

During my third playthrough I constructed a plan to beat the boss. Little did I know that I would never see the boss again, literally. On my third trial I decided to conserve as many items as possible. I learned that ammunition is limited to about 16 shots, but hunter bullets seemed to drop frequently in the demo so I didn’t really have to spare too many. After stacking up on blood vials, oil urns, molotov cocktails, and hunter bullets I made my way towards the bridge where the pack of Lycanthropes (weird mutated wolf-like creatures) awaited. Hunter Gascoigne was sitting in a corner away from these creatures and would only assist if I lured them towards his direction. As we fought the beasts and destroyed them I immediately watched as Gascoigne fired his weapon and murdered me. What I forgot to realize is that he is an NPC and too many accidental hits will piss him off and he will turn on you as soon as he feels you’re a threat.

Feeling defeated and a bit pissed I got in line again for another playthrough. During my fourth run I pretty much replicated my previous run. One thing I began to notice is that I could not perform a critical hit after a counter shot. I had the saw extended and performed a counter shot perfectly, but could not perform a critical hit. I assumed that critical hits were possibly disabled temporarily, but I later found out that the saw weapon could not be extended in order to pull off a critical hit. This is completely opposite to what we have seen in the official gameplay demo.


I traversed through the level, making sure I picked my battles wisely and bypassed any unnecessary fights along the way. During this playthrough I did run into a crystal lizard type of creature (creepy crawly skeletal creature) that drops an item, but disappears if you do not attack it quickly. I also traveled into another dark area with my torch and set a few enemies on fire and killed the crazy shooter in the wheelchair. There was an option to go deeper into the level, but I just wanted to beat the boss and not risk dying in unfamiliar territory. I ventured up the bridge and made it to the boss again and heard that familiar piercing scream, only this time the boss was invisible! Yes, right before my very eyes I was battling an invisible version of the Cleric Beast! While I was a bit overwhelmed, I still attempted to go forward and try my luck against this unseeable monster since I could still lock on to his position. Needless to say, I got about the boss’s health halfway down before meeting my end. A few assistants were watching me and were impressed. I was offered the chance to take pictures with the cool Bloodborne props, an honor given only to those who actually beat the demo.

The following pics are for your enjoyment.

2014-08-29 16.09.272014-08-29 16.09.48


To make a long story short and as unbelievable as this sounds, on my fifth and final Bloodborne run I made it to the boss and it was invisible again. It’s a bummer because I wanted to perform a critical hit on the beast and legitimately beat it, but I guess it just wasn’t in the cards for me. I did almost beat him while he was invisible though and I was probably 5% away from finishing him off for good. A good combination of molotov cocktails and oil urns are to thank for this.

All in all I have to say that I am highly impressed by Bloodborne and I would be lying if I told you I didn’t have fun. Believe it or not I was excited to fight the Cleric Beast while he was invisible and have the guys in the booth watching me, it was a really intense experience that kept my adrenalin flowing constantly. Hell, maybe they should add an invisible boss fight mode for NG++++++++++ members who are familiar with the game. That would surely make things more interesting.

Here are my final notes.

– Hunter Gascoigne did not assist me in the Cleric Beast battle even though he has done so in previous builds.

– Souls players will immediately be familiar with the controller scheme and play style even with the drastic changes.

– There are tons of closed off areas that can be accessed so exploring every region is a must because you never know which items you may find.

– A friend of mine was told about an easter egg during the demo and in the shadows she saw a creepy beast with piercing glowing eyes that apparently stalks you through the game. This creature is a future boss, but she could not confirm if it was the spider we’ve seen on the tower or something else.

– Utilizing the health regain system is going to be one of the most important assets in this game. If you can save resources you will have a major advantage during boss battles.

– Locking onto enemies is not always helpful. While fighting the Lycanthropes, I noticed that you can not really roll around while locked on, but you can side step. This can become a problem if you are in a congested area and you side step into a spot that may trap you.

That’s all I have for you and I hope you folks enjoyed reading about my experience.

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