The Last Of Us – The Most Awarded Game in Video Game History!

Posted 2014/01/24 by Christopher Bowen in Gaming

The Last Of Us Most Awarded Game In Video Game History!

Surprising? NOT AT ALL! Its an understatement to say that The Last Of Us was a great game. It’s safe to say that The Last Of Us was one of if not the best game of 2013, and these numbers definitely support that theory. gotypicks.blogspot, known for recording the number of game of the year awards each game receives every year shows that The Last Of Us not only crushed its competitors last year, but it has become the most awarded video game of all time! The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim previously held the crown for this title coming in at 226 game of the year awards back in 2011, but The Last Of Us took the crown bringing in 231 game of the year awards! An amazing feat has definitely been achieved by Naughty Dog once again! With this announcement being made, its safe to ask the question, can we expect a game of the year edition announcement anytime soon? Who knows, but keep your fingers crossed! Also, keep an eye out for the upcoming DLC “Left Behind” coming early next month featuring Ellie before the events that took place in The Last Of Us. As always we’ll keep you updated as the news rolls in! Once again, congratulations to Naughty Dog on creating a truly groundbreaking experience.

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