The Next Splatfest Will Be The Last One

splatfest inkling

Nintendo has confirmed the disappointing news that the Splatfest taking place later this month will be last one. The theme is only perfect however. It will be answering a question that Splatoon gamers have been asking since Day One. 

splatfest squid sisters

Who is the better Squid Sister? Callie and Marie, the hosts (and entertainers) of each Splatfest will be the subject of the next contest. Each player will be choosing which Squid Sister they like better.

The in-game announcement and voting is expected to launch soon. The Splatfest itself will take place the weekend of July 22nd.

The theme of the final Splatfest also coincides with the release of the Squid Sisters Amiibos. A double pack featuring Callie and Marie figures will be available July 8th. Who knows, maybe Nintendo has an extra trick up their sleeves. Maybe the figures will play a special factor in the Callie Vs. Marie Splatfest. That would definitely be awesome. Either way, it will be a bittersweet final Splatfest in a few weeks.