The Nintendo NX is Officially Revealed


The wait is finally over. Nintendo has officially revealed its next console in a trailer. Plenty of anticipated new games, the layout of the console, and other special features of the console were all shown off in this first preview.

It appears that ‘NX’ was simply a codename for the console throughout development, similar to the case with the Wii a decade ago being called Nintendo Revolution at first. The console is officially called the Nintendo Switch, also confirming the countless rumors of the console being a home console and handheld hybrid. The biggest feature of the console is being able to switch back and forth between playing at home or playing as a handheld on the go.

The Switch has a controller similar to the Wii U Gamepad with a built in screen. The control layout can be customized with several detachable parts to it. The screen can be taken on the go, and played like a handheld with several controller layouts. At home it can easily be set to a TV and played normally.

Several games were revealed via the various gameplay clips throughout the trailer. More gameplay of the new Zelda game, Breath of the Wild was shown at the beginning. A new Mario game was shown off that will most likely be a launch title. Gameplay of Mario Kart and Splatoon were also shown off, with new features in both games. They are most likely new sequels, because it appears unlikely that the Switch will have backwards compatibility with the Wii U. It was also shown that Nintendo Switch games will be cartridges instead of discs.

Nintendo also threw another curveball that surprised everybody. Shortly after the Breath of the Wild gameplay was shown, gameplay from Skyrim was shown off on the Nintendo Switch. I think it’s safe to say that nobody saw that coming. At the end of the video, Nintendo showed a list of the third party companies that they are going to work with.

Nintendo will continue to reveal more details about the Switch in the next few months. The console is going to launch in March, 2017.